Commercial license

This license is overall the most popular one. If you design a logo or a t-shirt design, diary, mugs or poster etc. this license will fit you. You cannot sell a product where the font is the main selling point (door numbers, stock logos, templates, letters cut out) You cannot use this license for eBooks, books, games, websites etc. Our desktop license is for 1 device install, owned by the same entity or individual. If you are worried about the choice of license please get in touch with us.


Merchandise license

The merchandise license applies to end product sales. An End Product For Sale can be either a digital design or physical item that you and/or your client intend to sell to more than a single person (wholesale, drop-shipping, etc.). For example, if you purchase a font and make a design template and sell online, that is considered an End Product for Sale, and you need to purchase the Merchandise license. Special terms apply (a limit of 500 units sold under the merchandise License are allowed, if you breach the 500 units, you must purchase another merchandise license, of the infinity license.  (You are now allowed to add the font to the product as a whole bundle)


E-book + App + Web

This license grants you to use the font for one app or one e-book or one Website. This license is limited to the title, meaning that is you have designed 3 apps with the same content you need three different licenses. One license covers unlimited sales, platforms, and upgrades. Pay one for the license and use it forever.



If you have a game that needs a unique typeface than this is your license to go for. This license grants you to use the font you have bought in one game, without any restrictions. You can use the font on all in game updates and upgrades. However if you have developed a series of games, you will need one license for each game of the series. The license is limited by title , meaning you have to pay one license per title and or organisation.



This license grants you to use the font where ever you want however you want. This license grants you to use the font everywhere. You are not allowed to resell or add the font to products you sell. The font can be installed on maximum of 5 devices owned by the same entity or individual that makes the purchase.


Personal license

This license grants you to use the font for your own personal projects, movie that is non commercial, poster for your own house party etc. In summery for everything that is not commercial. This license does not allow to use the product for commercial projects!



Free Fonts

All the free fonts that are listed in our marketplace are free for all the previously listed uses. You can use the free font on your app, website, e-book, poster commercial work etc.